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02 November 2005

Does this ever happen to you?

You say you're going to do something and when you do, you can't stick to it. Here's the thing: I had a goal of writing 4 pages a day. That's the deal I made with myself when I quit my part time job. I did it so I could get on a more consistent writing schedule. To date, that lasted for about two days. And when I did try to stick with it, it was a struggle. I was starting to count how many pages I had left to write before I could stop. 4 pages usually isn't a hardship for me. Let me rephrase that-4 pages usually isn't a hardship for me...when my creative mojo is flowing. I wrote for two days last week, and haven't done anything since. Book-wise, I mean. Writing in this journal doesn't count, because it doesn't go towards finishing a book that should've been done back in June. Of this year. And then again in August. Of this year.

Of course, it doesn't help that this is the second day of me suffering from a sore throat. The scratchy sore throat that forces you to swallow. Ugh! The kind of scratchy sore throat that forces you to cough. I'm talking about the hock-up-a-lung-and-a-hairball type of cough. Double Ugh! And of course, when you're almost sick, you don't feel like doing anything. But there it is. I think I should lay down the law with the writing rules like Bananagirl19 and make it a goal to write something everyday. Even if it's here.

New Goal: to have Book One in my series done and done (written and edited) before the AZ Book Festival next year (April 1st to be exact).

Now let's hope I can stick to that.

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