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19 March 2007


Via snail mail from International Creative Mgmt:

Dear Ms. Downs:

Thank you for sending the opening pages of DRAVEN ATREIDES, TEENAGE FBI. I really like the premise and the characters you've created (they put me in mind of the cast of "My So-Called Life" for some reason), but I found the story itself a bit slow to develop.

Of course, this is only one person's opinion-and based only on fifty pages at th at. Another reader will surely respond with the unreserved enthusiasm you deserve.

I wish you luck and thank you again for the opportunity to become familiar with your writing.

Tina Wexler

Okay, I am SO starting to see a pattern here. I'm thinking that I seriously need to take that other agents advice and cut, like, 5000 words. I think this is the third agent that's commented on the hook not happening quickly enough. And for the record--yes, Draven's friends are based off the ones in the show "My S0-Called Life". That used to be one of my favorite shows (probably because it had eye candy like Jared Leto) way back in the day.

Via snail mail from Curtis Brown LTD:

Thank you for your interest in Curtis Brown Ltd. Unfortunately, I do not feel that I am the right agent for your work but wish you success in your search for representation.

*I can't read the signature.

This was another one of those small, generic postcard-y things they mass generated. There wasn't even a "Dear Author/Writer" salutation on it!


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