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14 November 2005

Procrastination is thy name...

or maybe it's just lack of concentration. Or the fact that my journal is subtitled with "Welcome to my magic cottage" and I could really use a magic cottage to get any work done. My goal was to have Chapter Two finished by Friday evening. That didn't quite happen. It was kind of hard to do when I could hear that stupid whistling scene from Kill Bill 2. Even with my door closed. My fiancee was gone for all of 7 hours on Saturday, so you'd think I'd be able to get something done. Well, I can honestly say that I got close, but no cigar. Realistically, this book should be writing itself. In fact, it's a re-write. A MAJOR re-write. This book was going to be titled something else and was almost done...before I realized, "HEL-LO, your target audience is 13-18". Somehow, I'd forgotten that little tidbit. Apparently, I was having a senior moment. The plot line was a little bit too risque, so I pretty much have to go back and change A LOT of stuff.

I'm getting off topic--the curse of being a writer, I suppose--but I need to find a better quiet place for me to write. I'm from the old school of "complete silence in order to do my homework." The little office I have at home isn't cutting it.

And really, how long should it take to finish a freakin' chapter?
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