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14 February 2007

Good Writing Movement

I had my first good writing movement today in 3 months. To backtrack, I had started Book Two in the DA series as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge in November last year. I had gotten laid off from my job on Halloween. Mid-way thru Chapter Two, my creativity had dried up like the desert I live in. Major personal crisis usually = writer's block for me. I hadn't been able to get back to it since.

Until today.

Once again, I'm in the process of looking for another job (my past three temp assignments have ended), but not working has left me time to write.

As of late, I'd been consumed with getting my MS formatted, my query letter and synopsis edited, sending out letters, keeping track of submissions and responses...and did I mention looking for a job? After a month and a half, I think I have a daily routine (which will really be implemented tomorrow):

~Wake up
~Read emails
~Submit electronic query letters to agencies
~Prepare requested info for said agencies to mail out the following day (or send out that same day, depending on when I get the response)
~Promote first two books (right now, this means I pop two bookmarks and a note into those Postage Paid envelopes that come in my junk mail)
~Write for a few hours.
~ Possibly wash up (but what's the point if you're going to hang out in PJ's all day)
~ Oh, yeah, and eat...something. Maybe a bowl of cereal?

Anyhoo. 5 pages. That's how many I did today. 5 handwritten pages.

It's a good start.


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