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04 February 2007

Movie Queue: Because I Said So

Starring: Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo, Tom Everett Scott, Gabriel Macht.

Baker Daphne Wilder (Keaton) is the single mother to Milly (Moore), Maggie (Graham) and Mae (Perabo). With both of her oldest daughters married off, Mom decides to take it upon herself to find Mr. Right for her youngest, Milly, a caterer. Mom proceeds to write a long-ass (and hilarious) personal ad and interviews the hysterical results. Out of the ashes of 17 duds, rises yuppie architect Jason (Scott) and single father/musician, Johnny (Macht), who's been witness to all the craptacular results. Mom prefers Jason, but Johnny pursues Milly in spite of her objections. When Milly finds out how it all started, well, the frosting hits the fan.

Can I just say one thing? I LOVE DIANE KEATON. My all-time favorite movie of hers is Baby Boom, with Something's Gotta Give running a close second. She has a quirky air about her and a comedic timing that's spot on. But lordluvaduck woman, what's with the winter wear? All the time. In all the movies I've seen her in, her wardrobe doesn't include short sleeves or straps. Even her wedding dress in the movie was long-sleeved. So, maybe she's a little self-conscious about flabby arms? Possibly. Who knows? I was just wondering. Oh, keep the cute outfits and toss the mongo belts. Definitely not flattering.

Can I say one more thing? THANK YOU, MOM. I LOVE YOU FOR NOT MEDDLING IN MY LOVE LIFE. I think I'd have to disown her if she ever pulled something like that with me. A personal ad? Lord, just kill me now. There were times during the movie when I wanted to slap Daphne upside the head and say "Butt out, bitch. Get your own life." Which she does. Eventually. After nearly ruining her daughter's, that is.

I loved this movie. I saw it with my best friend, but you should probably go see it with your mother.

Then when it's over, turn to her and say, "This is what you don't do if you ever want to speak to me again."

Review: 4 Snaps Up


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