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01 February 2007

BAM! Pancakes

If I could eat breakfast three times a day, I would. When I cook--and that's a rare thing indeed. Good thing we don't have kids or they'd starve to death--I make breakfast food. I make a mean bowl of oatmeal, but the hubby likes my french toast and pancakes. I didn't feel like making them one night. Pancakes, that is. There was so much prep for it, that it made me whine just thinking about it.

"So, tell me what to do," he says.

I blinked at him in surprise. "You want to make them yourself?"

"Yeah. Just tell me what to do."

For the very first time, in all of his life, my hubby made pancakes.

And they turned out better than mine.

Mine tend to be a little, well, crispy. Not burnt, just crispy. Just the way I like them. Maybe it's because I have the temp set on Medium-High when it should really be on Medium. Shrugs. Go figure. Now, I'm partial to perfectly golden brown.

*Note: Cracker Barrel has THE BEST pancake mix and maple syrup. Ever. I'm just sayin'.


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