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03 March 2007


Rec'd request for a partial yesterday via snail mail from Scott Treimel NY Agency:

Dear Author:

Thank you for offering us the chance to consider your work. We will be glad to see DRAVEN ATREIDES: first 50 pages and synopsis.

We might be able to respond sooner, but we require a 90-day (from our receipt) exclusive, during which time you cannot show work to other agents. Should your work be on submission to a publishing house, or already have been considered by a publishing house, please list which house(s) and which editor(s) below. Enclose this letter with your submission.

Submissions must be available for our representation as we do not compete with other agencies for work we elect to represent. Be sure to include full contact information with your submission.

Thanks again for thinking of us.


MaryLeigh K
Assistant to Scott Treimel

P.S. Don't forget the SASE with your return address. Note: metered postage is refused by the postal service.

First off, let me say that I was glad to actually see an SASE in the mail that wasn't delivering a rejection. I skimmed over it, making sure that "Yes, it's really not a rejection." When I read it again, I realized I had a dilemma on my hands. For the record, this happens. Granted, this is the first time, but ti's part of the process I hear. I took my dilemma to one of my YA forums and got some great feedback (including a link to a chat room where one of the topics of discussion is about agents.) If you've been keeping track of all the previous Status Report posts, then you know what my answer will be.


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