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17 November 2005

Just like in the books...

The other day, I read in the Yahoo headlines that a Japanese princess married a commoner. "Japan's Princess Sayako marries commoner" I think the headlines stated. I was intrigued by that headline and decided to read the article. The commoner was a childhood acquaintance which turned romantic two years ago. I forgot what he did for a living, but I remember that, unlike the Princess's brothers, she was stripped of her title--not to mention her huge allowance--the minute she got married. It said that she took driving lessons and practiced going to the supermarket. I couldn't help but think, "How do you practice going to the supermarket?"  Just go in and buy what you like. Apparently, she's not used to buying groceries. Which makes sense, since, well, she was a Princess.  She'll have to get a job, too, which should be interesting. Despite her being a Princess, the wedding was very low key and they only had about 120 guests. 120 guests! That sounds like how many people will be at my wedding next year. Talk about low key? Her dress was nothing fancy, either. Just a "simple white dress with pearls". I can tell you right now that my dress isn't going to be simple or white. According to the article, it was the first time--EVER--that someone of royalty in that country has married a commoner.

When I saw that headline, I had to blink to make sure I wasn't seeing things. I thought, "something like that doesn't happen in real life." I can't begin to tell you how many adult romance books I've read where the storyline had been that headline:  the Princess-is-sick-and-tired-of-sheltered-palace-life-and-runs-off-to-America-only-to-fall-in-love-with-the-bodyguard/P.I.sent to find her. Or she ends up falling in love with some gorgeous guy she happens to meet and reveals towards the end that "I love you. I'm a Princess. Please forgive me. Can you still love me?" Gotta love those romance books.

I'm a huge fanatic of adult romance books. The series ones like Harlequin Blaze ( I usually need to sit next to a fan when I read these. I don't believe in cold showers) and Silhouette Desire. Maybe fanatic isn't the right word. More like...addicted. Adult romance series books are to me what cigarettes are to a nicotine fiend. I go thru withdrawal if I'm not reading a romance book. For reals. Every month, you will find me at Bookstar getting my monthly dose of romantic serials. I even have a frequent buyer card. Just recently though, I discovered I can now get my monthly dose of romance for an add'l 10% off more than I did with my card--for a total savings of 20% off. Guess where I'm going to get my monthly fix from now on.

All I have to say is "You go, Princess Sayako". It's nice to know that real life can mirror the romance books.

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