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19 December 2005


I'm on my way to work and I'm at a stop light a few miles from the house. I see a semi with a huge trailer trying to turn the corner. Trying being the key word because it's having problems. It's barely halfway around the corner, and even with the wide turn it's taken, the trailer begins to tip over. I see it coming at me and I hurriedly unbuckle myself, slam the car into park, pull out the keys and scramble into the back seat. It crushes the driver side, leaving me trapped inside. It's dark on that side, where the trailer is, and the front windshield has been blown out from the pressure. I hear the creaking sounds my little car makes under the enormous pressure. People outside are shouting frantically. I'm practically curled into ball, my knees under my chin as my heart tries to beat itself out of my chest.

I had somehow managed to grab my purse and I fumble for my cell. I call Steven and calmly proceed to tell him what happened. "Please come," I sob towards the end. "Please come. I'm scared. Please come. Please come. Please come....."

I don't the know the sound of a panicked Steven. I've heard worried Steven, concerned Steven, exasperated Steven, pissed-off Steven, frustrated Steven. But never a panicked Steven. I hope I never have to. I've had this daymare (nightmare during the day) twice now and it's making me uneasy. I don't know if I should see it as some kind of sign.

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