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05 December 2005

Cultural Experience

Yesterday, I was a vendor at an event called "A Cultural Array of Unique Ability" at the Chinese Cultural Center. Feng Shui and holistic vendors were out there doing demonstrations and selling their wares. I'd set up shop next to a couple of feng shui practitioners. Vee is a medical intuitive (she can sense your problems and help you fix them) and Chris (an aromatherapist). I didn't get any sales that day (well, two buttons for $.50 a piece) but I met a lot of people and made some contacts: Joyce works with fused glass and creates custom jewelry. She's also an artist. She's going to make custom pieces for my wedding next  year. Charlie unblocked my best friend's chakras by using dousing rods and an opal. Chris created my own personal scent (which, all combined, makes for greater creativity), vibed my book and suggested that I contact SWIHA (SW Inst of Healing Arts).  They're starting up a new charter high school that will offer, besides the general core, classes like organic farming and massage. My books have nothing to do with alternative medicine, but I sent an email to the director anyway. Chris also gave my friend a home cleansing kit (valued at $18) for free. There's been some negativity in her home and it's been throwing her off balance.

The event coordinator for Phoenix Chinese Week gave all us vendors his card and invited us to set up booths during Chinese Week at the end of January. Depending on the price of the booths, I just might do it. Hopefully, it won't rain. I'd  head it did last year. The vendors froze their asses off, but they had good sales. Vee told me that there's one day where the the middle and high school kids come. That should be a fun day for me. I met a couple that travel from Flagstaff just to have lunch at the Golden Buddha restaurtant at the Cultural Center. Apparently, they have really good dim sum there. They used to travel to Vegas, because that was the best place to get it. Before they found one in Phx, that is. Vegas! Is it just me or does it seem crazy to cross state lines just to get lunch? I dunno. It would have to be worth it to me. Like the only place you can find homemade pasta is at a mom'n'pop place in Italy.

I'm starting to learn that it's all about the people you meet. Even I don't make a sale the duration of the event, I will have made some new friends, a connection that will pan out at a later date, and interesting people. Not to mention, a whole new culture.

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