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25 November 2005

This really, REALLY sux...and other stuff

Not only do I have to deal with being tired (my fiancee was one of the crazy people who got up at the crack before dawn today to hit up the special sales at Wal-Mart), but I read online today that another one of my favorite shows, Alias, is being cancelled at the end of the season. *sigh*. I knew it was bound to happen. There's been a lot of talk, Vaughn "died", and Jennifer Sydney Gardner Bristow Affleck got preggo. It's kinda  hard to kick butt when you can't fit into your disguises. But man, pretty soon it seems like I won't have any shows to watch. Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Retired. Angel? Staked. Beheaded. Who knows? Last time I remember, he and his friends--the ones that survived, anyway--were facing down an army from Hell. Literally. I'm still waiting for closure on that end (the only good news is that I now see David Boreaneaz on my new favorite show, Bones. And he has a great smile. Who knew?)

I'm waiting for the axe to fall on Smallville. As much as I love the show (and hottie Tom Welling), really, how far can you drag it out before the story has to leave off? He's out of high school now and going to college. They might be able to drag that out for the 4 years he attends, but I've noticed something recently. When he's all grown up, he's working at the Daily Planet, right? But in the show, there's not even a hint of his interest in reporting. And he had to practically be bribed into writing them for his school newspaper. WAIT A MINUTE--I just had epiphany. This is the third show recounting the story of Superman (I don't know which came first, but there was Superboy and The Adventures of Lois and Clark...and man, could Dean Cain fill out a pair of tights or what?) and I was an avid watcher of those shows as well. This is the first show that didn't go the blue-tights-and-red-cape route. STOP THE WORLD FROM TURNING--I just had an epiphany. Again. Is it me or does it seem like Clark wears only the colors blue and red? The same blue jeans, the same blue shirt and the same red jacket in every single episode. I'm not complaining though. They make his blue eyes "pop". I'm actually looking forward to seeing Superman Returns next year. Finally saw a clip from it last week and it looks pretty interesting.

But I digress. I've got new backup favorite shows, just in case: Bones, Supernatural and Nightstalker. Is it coincidence that all three shows have some major eye candy? *clears the throat* Why yes.Yes it is a mere coincidence. Oh yeah, and The 4400. Season Three for that show is coming summer 2006 and I can't wait. Last season was pretty "holy mother of...", but this one should be a downright "oh, you've got to see this." I don't know what my fiancee did to entertain himself in the evenings before he met me almost 5 years ago. Cuz once we hooked up, I had him "hooked" on all my shows.  Score one for the girl.

On a sad note:  Rest in peace, Mr. Miyagi.

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