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25 November 2005

Anybody, anybody

There's a section in my monthly online newsletter called "Getting to Know You." It's a way for me to get to know new subscribers, but I'm down to my last few people. I'm stepping outside the box (read: subscribers) and looking for other people to participate. If you're interested, please copy and paste the questionnaire and send your responses to If you would, please indicate what you do for a living (don't have to name the place if you don't want to), a link to your website (if you have one), and your email address (so I can send you an issue of the newsletter when you're featured). My subscribership is slowly growing, so if anything, it'll be a way to get exposure. Thanks.


My parents gave me the name of:

But sometimes I go by:

I was born in:

I currently live in:

Siblings or only child:

I do/do not have pets:

My favorite food:

My favorite day of the week is:

My favorite flower is:

My favorite flavor of ice cream is:

My favorite fast food joint is:

My favorite movies are:

My favorite type of movies are:

My favorite actors and actresses are:

My favorite T.V. shows are:

My favorite subject in school was/is:

My least favorite subject in school was/is:

I would max out my credit card at:

When I'm bored, I:

My favorite thing to do with my family is:

My philosophy on life is:

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