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22 December 2005

Warm weather in December

The rest of this week it's supposed to get up to almost 80. Can you believe? Almost 80? In December? In Phx, AZ? *hands raised to the sky, eyes closed* Yes. Yes, I am a believer. This is why I love living in Phx. This is why I will never leave. If I could find a city...a city, not a tropical island...a city, within the US, with the same weather conditions as this place, I would move. Especially if it didn't have Pollution Advisory signs flashing on the highway. Or a noticeable brown haze which hangs over the city and is, well, noticeable, when you get to a less polluted area.

*sigh*. If that's the case, I might as well move to a tropical island. The perfect place for a REAL magic cottage.

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