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22 January 2006

Doubting Celise...Part 2

My best friend/PR person and I spent half the day today talking about the business. She asked me some tuff questions and really made me think. We did an impromtu interview and she also made me stand up in front of her and "introduce myself"...twice. I'm somewhat of an introvert by nature and I've never liked the idea of standing up in front of people and talking about myself---even if it's something I love to writing. I think I have a little self-confidence problem and what's funny is that someone else noticed it, too. Before our meeting, Amy (the best friend/PR person) and I had brunch at The Cheesecake Factory with a friend of hers, Carla. Carla is a very outgoing and funny Puerto Rican with her own house-cleaning business. It was my first time meeting her and after spending an hour with her, I liked her. After an enjoyable meal (did you know The Cheesecake Factory serves breakfast all day? FANTABULOUS) we hit Borders, which was right next door and Carla asked me something book related...something about getting my books on the shelves.

I think I said something like, "I'll try the indie stores first because the bigger chain stores don't deal with self-publishers." She noticed that, as I was saying it, my chin came down a little bit, like I was ashamed to be saying it. Or didn't have enough confidence in myself or my work. Since she has a background in marketing, it seems fitting that she would notice that. I never realized I was doing it. I was just repeating information that I've heard and read many times. It's a negative aspect of self-publishing that I'm coming to grips with, and, in a way, reading or hearing it time and again tends to errode at your confidence, I suppose. If I keep believing what I say then it'll manifest as such. I have to believe, have to have more confidence. So when someone asks me that question again, I'll be able to say "My books aren't on the shelf right now, but they will be." I've since learned that the major bookstores will carry self-published books...if there's a big demand.

Along with a list we came up with, I had to sign a statement saying that writing will be my first priority for the next six months. Oh, I can still do the book fairs. And if I happen to come across other book signing opportunities, I can book them. I just can't get carried away about the whole promotion thing. After doing a little research, I realized that I can't afford a PR person or firm right now. So, I'll have to make time--six months from now--and do it myself. Just not get too overwhelmed to the point where I'm doing it all myself and not asking for help.
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