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13 January 2006

Happy Anniversary

Today is me and Steven's 5 year anniversary. Technically, it was yesterday. He just wanted to go out to dinner today. I go by the day I met him face to face, he goes by our first date. Go figure. Five years. I never thought I'd be in a relationship that long. Hell, I thought I'd never be in a relationship. I didn't meet him until I was about 27, 28. By then, I was so fed up with the dating thing. Not that I ever really dated. I'd seen two sides of the relationship coin: my parents (the good) and my older sister's (the bad...before she got married last month to a good man). I was getting picky in my old age and was getting to the point where I was thinking "Okay. If I meet someone and give him my number, he can call or don't call. I'm not gonna stress over it." I was more than willing to accept that would be alone for the rest of my life. It was during that mindset when I met Steven. I like to think that we balance each other out, but really, he just keeps me grounded in reality. I tend to live in a fantasy world sometimes (I'm a fiction writer, after all), but I make him laugh. Even trade.

"This is the last time we'll be celebrating this day," he tells me. Which is true. We're getting married in September and then we'll have a new day to celebrate. To commemorate, we ate at Red Lobster. Steak and lobster, to be exact. And it was quite good. No dessert. $55 bill. Not too bad (as compared to the $90 bill on our first anniversary. Of course, the fact that we ate at the expensive restaurant in the really nice hotel --Wyndham Buttes in Tempe--we booked for the night could've been a factor, too.)

It was a fitting end to the beginning of our new life together.
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