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11 January 2006

Smile Time

I used to be a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE fan of the show "Angel." I was devastated that another one of my shows (besides Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was ending (but I got happy again when David showed up on a new series...where he smiles!! He didn't do that too much in Angel)). I found this place online that sells merchandise for a bunch of different T.V. shows ( and pre-ordered this FANTABULOUS piece of Angel history. "Smile Time" was an episode during Season Five in which a band of demons terrorized the city by turning young T.V. viewers into zombies (not grossed out, cannibal zombies like Dawn of the Dead, just...y'know, zombies). When he went down to the set of the T.V. series to investigate, he ended up being turned into a puppet. He remained a puppet for the rest of the show until he and his friends found a way to remove the curse. I think it was the best, and funniest, episode I'd ever seen. Anyway, I was thinking that if they ever came out with the puppet, I'd buy it. From my lips to God's ears. He was apparently listening, because lo and behold, they had it. I pre-ordered it.

AND HERE IT IS!!!! I have #2316 of 5,000.

TOO COOL!! The jacket feels like leather, his buttoned-down shirt is like a real shirt...buttons and all, his nose comes off (velcro, of course), and his boots are SO CUTE!! It's not a real puppet where you can stick your hand up his ass, er, I mean, in his back, but more like a plush doll. I'm keeping it in the box, though. I have this thing against dusting and I know that if I took him out of the box, he'd be covered like a sand dune in no time. Gosh, I really miss that show.

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