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22 January 2006

Five Things I Need To Do To Become A Successful Writer

1) Confidence
~ Affirm who I am in the mirror everyday (I have yet to do this because Steven might think I'm crazy)
~ Speaking in front of people (i.e. networking groups, focus groups)
~ Minding my own business regarding other authors--(where I am currently based on where they're at currently with their writing).

2) Writing Daily
~ 4 hrs a day w/ a weekly word count goal

3) Utilizing Resources
~ Friends
~ Family
~ Omega Vector
~ Networking (book fairs, festivals, people I may come in contact with)
~ Work

4) Abundance
~ Amy will try and sell 5 books a month and attend one networking or book event a month
~ Marketing and Business Plan in place by 2007
~ Host one or two special events by 2007/2008

5) Advertising & Promoting (something I'm not allowed to dwell on for 6 months)
~ "branding"
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