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29 July 2006

This is the Land of Confusion

It's official. Disturbed has now been added to my list of favorite bands. Linkin Park and Live being the only two. In that order. They have a new song out and it's a remake of Genesis's, "Land of Confusion."

Point 1 - Genesis had some good songs. I still do the drum interlude every time I hear "In the Air Tonight."

Point #2 - Genesis had some good songs. And Land of Confusion (not to mention the video) was one of my favorite songs.

They just. killed. it. I don't mean "killed it" like I-can-picture-Phil-Collins-getting-in-Wayne-Draiman's-face-and-ripping-him-a-new-asshole-in-his-British-accent. I mean "killed it" as in, "Thanks again for reminding me why I liked this song in the first place."

I must admit these rock dudes are making 80's and 90's songs more likeable. First Foo Fighters and now Disturbed. On their first album, the one with "Down with the Sickness," they did a remake of Tears for Fears' "Shout". It brought tears to my eyes and made me want to shout, it was so good.

So that's it, yo. They're in like Flynn. My top 3 favorite bands: Linkin Park, Live, and Disturbed.
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