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10 July 2006

ARGH! It's a pirate's life for me

Well, not really. I think all that dipping and swaying would make me sicker than a dog. Steven and I went to go see the second installment of Pirates of the Carribbean yesterday and I must say that I truly enjoyed it. The special effects for Davy Jones and his crew of...sea creatures was really cool.

I laughed. ("I could perform a...marriauge. Right now")

I laughed again. (island of cannibals)

I laughed some more. (the huge wheel scene)

I even got a very small, wee bit of a lump in my throat ("Jack, meet the Cracken. Cracken, heeeeeere's Jackie")

A member posted a bulletin on MySpace saying that is was 2 1/2 hrs long. Really? It sure didn't feel like it. I loved it. I bought the first one, will probably end up buying this one, and I'm looking forward to the third one whenever it comes out. The buzz is that it'll be sometime next year.

So, apparently Kiera Knightley suffers from anorexia. According to the media, that is. She's denying it, despite the family history. For once, I think I'm actually going to agree with the actress. Have you seen her other movies? Granted, it's hard to see her physique when she's dressed in period clothing (Pirates, Pride and Prejudice), but I saw her in Bend it Like Beckham and King Arthur. She was skinny in both, but at least she had some muscle tone. To me, it seems like she's always been thin, but that's just me. shrugs.

Major plus: sneak preview of the Transformers movie coming out next year. Sneak being the key word here. It was more like a tease. This was one of the many cartoons I used to watch way back in the day. And with all the movie magic they have now, it'll be interesting to see how they do this.
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