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08 July 2006

Hot. Real Hot.

My company, Gemini Mojo Press, will be hosting a party at the end of July for my best friend, Amy Rocker and her friend, Samantha Johnson, two winners of The Real Hot 100 2006.

We're trying to raise funds for their travel accommodations to New York next month. I know what you're thinking: if they won this great honor, then why aren't travel accomodations being taken care of? Lemme break it down for ya:

1) It's a one-woman show. This one woman came up with the idea that The REAL hot 100 shows that young women are "hot" for reasons beyond their ability to look cute in a magazine. REALLY hot women are smart. REALLY hot women work for change. REALLY hot women aren’t afraid to speak their minds. And while some REALLY hot women might look awesome in a bikini, they know that’s not all they have to offer. That's pretty damn cool, don't you think?

2) She probably thought up this wonderful way to honor women and didn't think of the consequences later. Like making travel accommodations for winners outside the state of New York. So, let's think: Hmm, I'd like to sponsor an award for women who are "hot" for reasons beyond their ability to look cute in a magazine. I'm probably going to have winners from all across the U.S, not just New York. How am I going to get those people here without them having to spend a dime?

Because, y'know, not everyone has the money to jump on a plane to New York. I'm just sayin'.

So, for ticket and venue details, contact GMP at, and we'll keep you posted.

If you would like to help out in the form of a donation, please go HERE and click on the company logo.

To find out what it means to be a Hot 100, go HERE.

NOTE: At this time, all proceeds from Purse Candy purchases will go towards the Real Hot 100 Travel Fund.
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