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07 November 2006

My WritingSpace

I thought I might I might get more motivated to write if I showed you my Writing Space. I got this idea from Mr. Fab over at Apropos. I don't understand how he can concentrate with all those papers hanging at eye level, but I guess I shouldn't talk. I don't know about all you other authors out there, but I need eye candy in my office. So let me tell you what you're seeing here.

Dangling precariously above my laptop: from l to r

~ a plaque that says "It's never too late to be who you want to be." Which I bought from Femail Creations. Love this place.

~ 2006 mini Betty Boop calendar. LOVE MIZ BETTY.

~ an email from a friend: 91 synonyms for the word "said." Because saying the word said gets kinda redundant. I'm just sayin'.

~ a doorknob sign that says "Kick up your heels and celebrate life!" I got that when I went to the Barefoot Parties launch party.

On the top shelf of the desk: from l to r

~ A plush, squishy Betty Boop. Did I mention that I love Betty Boop?

~ The contemporary version of He-Man. When they brought the cartoon series back, they really modernized the characters. I used to be a huge fan of the show (as was my hubby) and I wanted the new He-Man. My hubby went all out and bought ALL THE NEW ACTION FIGURES, including Castle Grayskull. You can't really see it in this picture, but this new He-Man? Is hot. Brad Pitt hot. For reals.

~ The new really cool Teela action figure.

~ Storm bust. She's one of my favorite characters from X-Men.

~ Battle-damaged Angel Smile Time Puppet. I was a huge fan of the show Angel. "Smile Time" was the name of the episode in which David Boreanaz's character was turned into a puppet. It was my favorite episode of all time. When I heard Power Star Merchandise was going to be selling them, I pre-ordered one. Only 5,000 were made and I have #2316.

~ Betty Boop figurine dressed in a slinky purple sparkly dress and red hat. There's a purple feather boa wrapped around the hat and one around her neck. Very cool. In case I haven't mentioned it in the last 5 minutes...I LOVE BETTY BOOP. My niece and nephew got it for me for Christmas last year. Too. Cool.

~ Gambit action figure. He's my other favorite character from X-Men.

~ Formal night on me and Steven's first Carnival cruise.

The picture to the far right is a caricature of me and Steven drawn by a woman that goes by the name of "Nancy Cartoon". We were at Juneteenth last year. She drew Steven with no shirt on, holding a double-edged light saber. LOL. Underneath is another plaque I bought from Femail Creations that says:

"I have PMS and ESP. That makes me a bitch who knows everything."

The black and white picture to the far left is me. I don't remember how old I was at the time, but by my facial expression, I was too thru with the picture taking.

For the rest of the tour, click HERE.
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