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23 October 2006

I'm going Barefoot

Ok, so with all the homebased businesses out there, I'm trying something new: Barefoot Parties. The same woman behind Femail Creations (I've mentioned this place a time or two), Lisa Hammond, created a way for women to sell products found in Femail Creations.

This is a relatively new company that just launched in Feb of this year. Truthfully, I can't stand multi-level marketing schemes because they seem so ridiculous. It's all about uplines, downlines and so forth. This is kind of the same scale, but there's one difference: I. love. these. products. Thru Femail Creations, I've bought stuff for me, my niece, my sister, my mother and my best friend. Now, I have the chance to sell them and make money.

Did that sound like a pitch?

Yeesh. Sorry. Granted, I have yet to actually buy anything from the Barefoot catalog. But some of the artists that contributed to the Femail Creations catalog have created one-of-a-kind products specifically for the Barefoot catalog. I'm a Consultant in Training, trying to earn my Kit ($225) by this Thursday. I have my first launch party this Friday. I'm doing this on my own. Without any training whatsoever. I have a manual, but I'm going to be doing a lot "flying by the seat of my pants" during this presentation (read: talking out of my ass).

Would you like to help me earn my kit? Sure you would. So, here's the plan:

Christmas shoppping.

Ladies--and gents--you will find something for your wife, baby girl, daughter (teenage on up), mother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandma, aunty, best friend, this catalog. I guarantee it. Why should you have to brave the malls when you can go to

and do your shopping there? It's a win-win sitch. You get a gift for all the females in your life, 20% goes towards my Kit....and you're supporting very talented female entrepreneuers and artists.

So go. Take a look-see. Shop. Inspire. Empower.
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