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01 December 2006

....and exhale

According to SARK's 2006 Pure Relaxation Calendar, it's Take A Deep Breath December.

Hang on while I do just that...

breathing in...

~ the smell of lavender candle in my office as I post at 4:08 in the morning. Went to my little Sassy Soiree (see below post) last night and instead of "mingling over martini's", I "chatted over coffee." Really good coffee. At around 8:30pm. Yeah. Not a good idea when I knew I'd have to be up at 7am.

~ the elation and relief of finally finding a job after 4 weeks of nothing. I start on Monday.

~ the "manna from Heaven" in the form of an unemployment check that came yesterday, just in time to boost my $.19 acct.

~ the abundance of nearly $100 in sales at the Sassy Soiree last night where I was allowed to display my merchandise for free.

~ the abundance I hope to gain at two author events this Saturday.

~ positive energy.

~ positive creative writing vibes. (C'mon Draven. Holla back, girlfren')

and breathing out....

~ all the anxiety, depression, anger, worry, panic, helplessness, guilt, hopelessness and desperation during the 4 weeks I couldn't find a job.

~ the stupidity of waiting until two weeks ago to file for unemployment when I should've done it the day I was let go. I was thinking I would find something sooner rather than later.

~ all the negative energy that's hung over me a like a dark cloud, crushing my inner spirit. Poof! Be gone.

These thoughts I send into the universe.

And so it is done.

I'm going back to bed now.


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