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09 January 2007

Movie Queue: The Holiday

Cameraon Diaz
Jude Law
Kate Winslet
Jack Black

In London, Iris (Winslet) is in love with a man about to marry another woman. In L.A., Amanda (Diaz) finds out that the man she's been with has been unfaithful. In an effort to "get away from it all," they meet each other through a home exchange website and impulsively decide to switch houses. During the course of their visits, they find unexpected romance: Amanda with Iris's brother, Graham (Law) and Iris with Miles (Black).



I saw it with my best friend and I'm so glad I did. It was your typical chick flick, but with unexpected surprises. Like the fact that I could totally see why the nanny screwed Jude Law. I'm pretty sure it was the part he played in this movie, (cuz I can take or leave everything else he's done), but all of a sudden, I now cosnider Jude Law to be a hottie. Go figure. We both decided that we're buying this movie when it comes out on DVD.


OMG. I WANT IRIS'S COTTAGE. But somewhere else. Like maybe on an island in the Caribbean or something. Homegirl here doesn't do cold. Let alone snow-cold, so the London country-side would be out. But her cottage was so cute and cozy, I wanted one on the spot. SARK talks about having a Magic Cottage. A special place where she goes to do her writing. I don't know if it's her actual house, a tree house in her backyard or a condo in the city. But when I saw Iris's cottage, it made me think of that.


I got a chance to see Jack Black's sensitive side. And I liked it. He wasn't over the top like all the other character's he's done. And though he provided some funny moments (like the Blockbuster scene), he didn't steal the scene. I also thought his job was pretty cool: movie score composer.


I wanted Cameron's job. She edited movie trailers. How friggin' cool is that? Can you imagine how much money there is in that business. SPOILER AHEAD. During the movie, it cut to a movie trailer with Lindsay Lohan and James Franco and for an itty bitty second, I thought the theater was having trouble with the movie reel. I thought the film had broken and they were going to movie previews or something. But it was part of the movie itself, a trailer that her character had edited. I couldn't help but think, "Well, damn. I would've seen it."


OMG. JUDE LAW AND KIDS. That's all I'm going to say. You're going to have to see for yourself what I mean.

Review: 5 Snaps Up

*Once again, I'm slacking on the movie reviews. We saw this last weekend. I think. Better late than never, right?


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