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05 March 2007


Rejection #16 via snail mail today from The Chudney Agency:

Dear Celise:

Thanks for sending in some material on Draven Atreides for me to review. Regrettably, I am unable to offer to see additional material.

As I represent Michael Spradlin and his Spy Goddess series with HarperCollins (which is now in development to also become a manga series), I feel that I shouldn't also consider yours. I think you might be better off with another agent who might not already have a spy related series.

Your writing is very strong, but a couple of things: there may be a feeling right now that there are enough espionage books on the market (sometimes it is all about timing), even though your character is African American-which is great. Also, I feel that based on what I reviewed, you should trim your novel down by at least 5000 words. You tend to have scenes go on much longer than they need to, like the banter between the friends about the spa. You also describe certain things, like on page 41, when she is making tea. As this is such a mundane task, why describe the entire process?

If this series doesn't go anywhere, and you have something else in your imagination, please keep me in mind-although I do wish you the best of luck with this.

Sorry for the disappointing news, but I'm sure you will find an agent who is better suited to representing you.

All the best,
Steven Chudney

You're going to think I'm crazy, but this is the best rejection letter I've received so far. It's not your typical form letter. In fact, it's the most personable one I've received. So far. I love the fact that he included some constructive criticism, something to keep in mind for the future. And he's right, I do have a tendency to be too descriptive. I'm working on that and I'm glad he pointed it out. There may be a feeling that there's enough YA espionage out there, but there's not enough multi-cultural YA espionage. And I plan to fill that void. Don't make me get out my soapbox and turn this into a racial issue. Because I will go there. So an author of his is going to have a manga series, huh? Well, my series is going to end up on the WB. So there.


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