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18 November 2005


I hate it when someone of authority isn't taking care of client accounts. I just got a call today from the boutique where I'm getting my wedding dress--from some nobody seamstress probably-who tells me "You sent in a check for $150. We show that your balance is only $88."  As nice as that sounds, I know that can't be right. So I tell her. A few seconds later she say, "Oh wait. Someone made a mistake". I don't know if she was looking at someone else's account or what, but I can feel myself working up a good head of steam. I ask her what my remaining balance is and she says $176. Once again, I know that's not right because I've been keeping track. According to my file, she only shows 2 payments of $150. I tell her she should have three, including the one she's calling me about. She asks me if I have a copy of the check. Ya damn skippy I do. It's called online banking and thank God for that. I fax over the two copies of the checks and include a note that says, "These are the two checks that you have and that should be noted in my account. Including check #***, the total paid amt should be $450. My remaining balance should be $26. Please have THE OWNER (yes, I wrote it just like that) call me and confirm this. Thank you."

Which makes me wonder, yet again, what kind of business these people are running, because this is the third time they've called me with some kind of "mistake." Did they apply that first $150 to someone else's acct? Probably. I wouldn't be surprised at this point. First "mistake" (a.k.a The Credit Card Incident): their machine hit me twice for the deposit (an amt that was over $400), leaving my acct in the negative for a week. The owner gave me some excuse that their machine wasn't reconciling or some such crap and it was probably due to the storm they had that day. Storm? What fuckin' storm? Maybe it's storming where you are, since you're out of town, because it sure as hell isn't storming here. You must've pulled that excuse out of your ass because according to your accountant, you've been having problems with that machine for a while now. I didn't say all that to her, but boy howdy, I wanted to. I was so livid, I didn't even want to deal with them anymore. I wanted my dress for free after that incident. The good thing is that it happened to several other clients and I got the money back, plus fees (over $500).

Second "mistake": the designer that made the dress I chose no longer made that design. They no longer carried the material. According to the notes in my file, someone had called me on Oct 5th and told me the situation with my dress. Yeah, I definitely would've remembered that phone call. Needless to say, someone dropped the ball let it roll out into the street where it promptly got flattened by a semi.*takes a calming breath*. But I digress. They didn't leave me a message, either. Imagine my surprise when Marta called me towards the end of Oct (when she received another $150 check) and proceeded to tell me the problem and my options. I was prepared to go down there when she called me back barely five minutes later and told me "everything's okay." She'd just opened the mail and surprise, surprise, there's a letter from the designer saying they're going to make my dress anyway. In the size I requested. I should feel lucky, Marta says, because they never do that. Yeah. Lucky. Once again, I was ready to "get black" on these people. Why didn't someone inform me sooner? These people were just going to continue to take my money--for a dress that I wasn't (at the time) going to even get--and not tell me the problem? I was told that the designer only my dress in a size 10. I had the choice of a) having that size sent and alter the hell out of it to get the size I wanted, b) find something just like it or c) get my deposit back. I'm thinking that, as of today, I should've just cut my losses and said "give me my damn money back".

Third "mistake": well, I just vented on that.

As I'm writing this, Marta calls me back to say the owner has left, they're going to check with the accountant and call me Monday. I SWEAR, SOME PEOPLE'S CHILDREN...

One of my co-workers uses this phrase, "some people's children", when he's dealing with incompetent people, gets fed up with something, etc.  He has a 10 yr old son, so I'm sure he had to come up with a more creative way of...expressing himself. The first time he said it, I thought he was actually talking about someone's children. "Bunch of hooligans, huh?" I'd said. Then, when he told me what it really meant, I laffed. "I'll have to use that sometime," I'd said. Little did I know...It's a cross between a long string of expletives and Napolean Dynamite's "Gosh". Of course, a long string of expletives would work really well for me right now. Followed by the slamming around of something. Unfortunately, I'm in a public place, so I can't do that.  So The Phrase will have to do for now. I should've stuck with Azteca Plaza.

Word to the wise: If you're getting married in Arizona, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, get your dress at AC Bridal Boutique.

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