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22 December 2005

The Meaning of Ticked Off

is when your dr calls in a prescription a few minutes after the pharmacy opens and you drive down there on your lunch break an hour and a half later. Only to find that the prescription hasn't been filled. Me: hungry, cranky and feeling like two corks have been permanently shoved up my nose. Lady behind the counter: sweetness and light, "we need your info" and "please wait 20-25 minutes." Me 15 mins later: ready to pummel the "Doc's" (according to his name badge) ears with my bottle of extra strength amoxicilin and long past ready to get back to work. And eat. And breathe. He was too damn cheerful with his "We're gonna fix you right up with two antibiotics in one subscription" spiel. By that time, I was ready to grab the friggin' bag and say "You're preachin' to the choir here, Doc. I know how the stuff works and I know I'm supposed to take two a day until it's empty."

Hours later, I'm feeling a bit more talkative. As you can see with the many posts in one day. I can breathe. Somewhat. Too bad I ran out of my antiviral Kleenex.

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