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25 January 2006

Biker Boyz

Me, Bev and Amy had some female bonding time the other night. I was driving Amy home and we were going at a nice steady clip on the I-10...until a motorcyclist blasted by us. He slowed down a little bit (well, as little as one dared on the freeway) and looked back over his shoulder. Seconds later, his buddies blew by us. There were about six of them altogether, maybe more (it was kinda hard to tell because there were stragglers) and they were all wearing helmets--*two finger clap for safety*--jackets with the letter "B" on the back (I recognized it, but don't remember the brand name) and riding crotch rockets. I felt like I was watching that movie, Biker Boyz, all over again.

I know that there are clubs like that out here--much like the Harley and Hot Rod (wa'sup, Dad) clubs--and it was kinda neat to see a big group of'em like that. Too bad they were acting so stupid and careless. Some of them would stand up on their foot pedals, like they were going to do a trick or something, but the scary thing was they were weaving in and out of traffic. When that first guy buzzed by us, his buddies caught up with him, acting crazy to the point where the car in front of us had to slam on his brakes. Which, of course, made me do the same. Scared the shit out of Aim, who for some reason, had decided to remove her seat belt. We're still on the freeway, mind you. It's not like we were on surface streets and going 45mph.

"Woman, put your seat belt back on," I tell her--I might've yelled it, actually, seeing as how she'd gotten just a bit too close for comfort with the dashboard. "You always wear it in your car and those have always been the rules in mine." She had it on when we left the club. I don't know why she took it off. I think I pretty much trained Steven into wearing his. I don't think he ever used to wear a seatbelt before he met me. Whenever I was the one driving, I wouldn't start the car until he put his seatbelt on and locked his car door. (No paranoia here, folks, just read too many damned articles. I can thank my Mom for that.)

We made it home safely. Definitely an interesting evening all the way around.
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