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07 February 2006


I just now realized how much people skim over their emails. I had posted a feedback question on among other places, two self-publishing forums:

In my efforts to get in touch with my inner teen--I mean, it's my target audience after all--I think a certain section of my website needs some beefing up. I either need to change some stuff, remove stuff or scrap it and start over. And so, I come to you all for help.

I ask that you please browse through and take the OVERALL survey on the Home Page, or the INDIVIDUAL ONES at the bottom of each page. Your choice.

If you have a teen in your household, please pass this email on to them. I would really like their opinion, too.

If you know someone ELSE who has a teen in their household, please pass this email on to them. I'd still like their opinion, too.

If you're a Young Adult Fiction Author, like I am--or know someone else who is--please pass this email on to them. I would REALLY like your opinion, too.

Thanks for all your help.

So far, I've gotten two responses, but instead of following directions, they just posted back on the forum. And then, I get this nice little post from Miss K:

Is this a girls only website? It's pink and looks like a reject of a blush container.Why do you have anorexic looking sexy cutouts on the home page? Those cutouts and your business name really need to be in a different pixel, it is really rough looking. If I were to come across this without knowing anything I would say it was a cheap X rated site. Even though it says publishing.

Oh dear.... On the About page you have the girls linking arms.... And where are your links to get back to the home page or other pages. I did not bother to go any further. It was too hard to navigate though your site.

OH!! Gemini Press.... DUH. That is why you have 'twins'... still looks bad. Just my passing thoughts.

My hackles instantly rose and without thinking, I fired off a reply:

Thanks for the "passing thoughts", however, if you'd read my initial email, the link in it was specific. In fact, you cut and paste it when responding (see below with your response). There were other instructions, too, but I guess that part was just skimmed over.

Just to clarify though:

~ The "cutouts" weren't meant to look "sexy" or "anorexic". It's just an image. It's not meant to represent a body image or a sexual image. It's just a different take on all the other Gemini images out there. However, I'll be sure to run the whole "cheap, X-rated site" idea by my 16-yr-old niece and her friends and see what they think.

~ Oh dear.... On the About page you have the girls linking arms.... and your point would be..? They're linking arms. So?

~ I did not bother to go any further... had you gone further, you would've seen the "Home" button. At the bottom of each page. Kind of like a book. Go figure.

Again, thanks for your thoughts

I don't regret my reply because I could've been worse. I could've gotten downright sarcastic, but then it would seem like I can't take constructive criticism. I can. I'm a writer. It's part of the job. So I took a look at her website. At that point, I was just wanted to slap myself upside the head. Numerous times. WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING? Compared to her site, she's going to need a manual to navigate mine. No wonder she had no clue. She's not a writer--hell, she's not even a publisher. What am I getting so bent out of shape for? I now realize my first mistake. What's more, I said it in my reply. I shouldn't have posted this email to a group of adults. It should've been targeted to the audience I write for. DUH. I mean, I sent the email to my niece, of course. And I sent it to my Teenchicklit forum group because 1) they're YA writers like me , 2) they would have--or will have--sites like mine and 3) are more likely to have a teenager in their home.

My second mistake was that I broke my contract. I shouldn't even be thinking about this for the next six months. Sorry, Aim. I'm gonna let it go now. For reals.
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