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01 February 2006


Once again, I am sick. I was just sick last month, for crissakes! I was so sick, I felt like dying before I finally broke down and called the dr. Thank God for amoxicillin. I felt it coming on a couple of days ago and now my right nostril is plugged up and I have the mother of all sore throats. Course, it probably doesn't help that Steven has been sick for over a week. It's on its way out with him, but he still sounds stuffy. And is having to clear the phglem from his throat. (Gross...did I spell that right?). He says,"You'd better call your dr and see if they'll call in another prescription for you. Unless you want a repeat of what happend the last time." Yeah, that would a negative, good buddy.

Last month I had the worst time sleeping. Hmm, kinda like last night, too. I'd popped like, 2 Vitamin C capsules, 2 Echincea Golden Seal pills, and 2 Nyquil LiquiGel Caps before going to bed. Too much, you think? It really played havoc with my body and I don't think it liked it because I was up at 230 a.m. I should've been poppin' that C like it was candy when Steven first got sick, but nooooooooo. I ignored it. Course, it didn't help that Steven nearly rolled on top of me in his sleep. Twice. He's a hogger, needless to say. We really need invest in one of those Tempurpedic matresses.

It really sucks being suck. Specially when you're on a self-imposed deadline. It's hard to get into writing when you're feeling miserable. And I am. Writing. But not writing.
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