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14 March 2006

Day of Radiance

Today, says SARK's 2006 Pure Relaxation Calendar, is a "Day of Radiance".

According to, radiance means "the quality or state of being radiant". Which tells me nothing, really. There was a scientific version of the word, too, but, man, that takes all the pleasure out of this meaning. When I think of radiance, self comes to mind. In the way that, when everything is right and balanced in my universe (at that point in time, of course), it shows on the outside. I might stand straighter, smile wider, laugh louder...wait, I do that already...okay, laugh longer, etc. I'm at peace with myself and there would be a noticeable glow. Not so much radioactive, but more of aura. What color is radiance? If I was told my aura was radiant, what color would it be? Because to me, as seen above, I see radiance as being the color of the sun. Golden. But is it really?

But then my imagination kicks in and radiance would be like a superhero glow. Not the visible halo of light outlining the body, but more of an...invisible energy. A subtle energy that you emit that makes people stop and take notice and stare at you in awe (or horror, depending on what type of subtle energy you might be emitting). I've often wondered what it would be like to have met the Pope (the one that died recently, not the new one), Mother Theresa or even the Dalai Lama. To be like them is to be "radiant".

I'm getting New Age-y, so I'll put a stop to it and ask the question: What does radiance mean to you and what would you do on a "Day of Radiance?"
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