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10 March 2006

NEW RELEASE: Dainty Diva

Well, hello and thanks for joining me this week for another edition of....NEW RELEASE. In this episode, you'll be meeting Dariana. She's witchy, she's bitchy, she's blonde and spoiled rotten, it's the DAINTY DIVA. She also happens to be a NASCAR fanatic. I found that to be quite ironic seeing as how I just got finished reading a Harlequin romance titled "In the Groove". It's part of Pamela Britton's NASCAR series...and it sucked. A thick 300-some paged book with not one love scene! There was the implication and the morning after, but none of the build up that makes me feel like I'm going thru early menopause. You call that a romance?! Well, pfft. I spit on you. You disgust me. I turn my back you. You bring shame to the Harlequin family. You wouldn't know a love scene if it came up and...

Ahem. Got carried away there for a minute. My bad. So. Uh. Go visit Dariana and tell her her new landlord sent you. Go now before you shame me and I have to spit on you.

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