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07 November 2006


THE PROJECT: Draven Atreides, Teenage FBI: A Whole Latte Trouble (Book Two)

BASIC PREMISE: After getting through her first case as an FBI informant, sixteen year old Draven Atreides is at it again. Her favorite hang-out, CoolBeans Cafe, comes under the watchful eye of her secret employer when a new coffee drink becomes strangely addictive. And then a teenage boy is shot...

NOV 1-7

As you can see above, it's going craptacularly well. I've been dealing with some personal issues that have left me slightly depressed and unmotivated to write. Not to mention that little added pressure of "having" to write everyday. Normally, I have writing movements. I write whenever the mood strikes and if it happens to be on a daily basis...whoo-hoo. I missed a couple of writing days, including prime writing time on Saturday because I had a bookselling event. I sold six books. Yay me. Yay money.
Now back to the regularly scheduled pressure of writing.
Status: Midway thru Chapter Two
Mood: craptacular, depressed, unmotivated, and feeling a little pressured. Just a little.
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