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26 December 2006

Christmas Goodies

We slept in a bit yesterday, then went to my parents house for lunch. My mom didn't feel like doing the big dinner thing again so close after Thanksgiving (I don't blame her) and I didn't feel like getting up early for breakfast (I really love breakfast at my parents house). My sister was there (her hubby had to work, unfortunately) and TK and E (my older niece and nephew) came by for a little bit, too.

"So, what'd you get?" you ask.

~ Money from the parental units (Sweet!).
~ A goodie bag from the hubby's best friend's girlfriend (did you get all that?): a Vanilla Spice holiday gift pack from The Body Shop, a cat-shaped pewter picture frame, a tin with a really soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie inside (the hubby and I split that), a heart-shaped picture frame ornament, a $25 GC to Cracker Barrel....and a copy of CATMOPOLITAN. LOL. Seriously. It's like Cosmo the magazine, but it's all about cats. It's a glossy magazine and all the ads, articles, etc feature cats. I loved it! There's a liquor ad in there for Kahlua, but it says "Katlua and Cream". Very cute. I really enjoyed that. And she gave our cat, Sweetpea, a little catnip toy. That she has yet to play with

~ We got TK and E each $25 Target GC's.

~ We gave Z (my younger nephew) a tin box filled with 7 solid wood games and Little Miss (my younger niece) a $10 GC to Toys R Us. She's only 3, so I doubt she'll care that it's a GC. All she'll care about is how many baby dolls--or Barbie dolls--she can buy with that.

~ Gave the parental units a $25 GC to Harkins Theaters that included a coupon for a free bag of popcorn (my mom really likes the popcorn there)

~ I didn't get my sister anything because she and her husband don't celebrate Christmas. It's a religion thing.


~ A bottle wine from the owner of the company where he works

~ Slippers from TK and E
~ Darth Maul towel (oh, joy) from his best friend

~ A $50 mall GC from me


~ We did the Secret Santa thing at my job where I got a Beanie Baby bear named Issy, a bear Christmas ornament and a box full of Cranberry Walnut Biscotti (never did like that stuff so I brought it home for the hubby)

~ A $50 GC to the mall ( I need shoes for work that cover my tootsies. All I have are summer shoes like flip flops and heeled mules)

But the best thing I got was from my older niece, TK. She gave me Peony Blossom scented incense in a really colorful box (see picture at right). But what made it extry special was the personal touch she added.

On the front, she wrote "The Answer."

When I saw that, I had no idea what it meant. Until I opened it and the read the note inside:


After throwing sharp objects at your computer and fighting the urge to smash it with a hammer and giving up your career as an author because you can't seem to get through your writer's block...just do the following... yeah, I know. It was a long one. Take a breath now.

1. Light one incense and place it in the square incense holder

2. Sit back in your chair and let the smell of relaxation fill the room

3. Tell your husband to fetch you a nice tall glass of water (hold the lemon)...boy, does she know me well.

4. When he returns with your water...simply take off your socks and shoes and place your feet in his lap.

5. If he doesn't understand what he is supposed to do (and he won't. He'll see it as an invitation to tickle), politely remind him of his duties as your husband. (This includes giving you foot massages when you are experiencing writers block)

6. Just feel your brain fart start to float away...

note:**if all else fails grab the nearest pillow, shove your face in it and scream as loud as you can until you pass out...

when you come to you should be able to continue your story and make your deadline!!!**

ROTFL. Is she great or what? This is the reason why I'm basing the main character in my YA series on her. 17-yrs-old and the kid simply blows me away sometimes. LOVE the gift, Mooks. Thanks so much.
Our first Christmas together as husband and wife. It was great....
and now he's sick. Hope I don't get it.
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