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20 December 2006

Pet Peeve #4: Don't Bother Me, I'm Busy

It really works my last nerve when I'm trying to read or do some writing and someone continues to engage me in conversation. Try being the key word here.

A book is open. In my lap. My head is down. It takes a minute for me to respond to whatever you said.

Take a hint people and shut the hell up.

I have a pencil in my hand. A spiral notebook is open in front of me. On the table. In plain sight. I have papers spread out before me. On the table. In plain sight. I'm scribbling meaningful words and not making eye contact with you whatsover.

Take a hint and shut the hell up. Or go find someone else to talk to.

Don't make me be rude to you. Because I can. I've done it before. You'll get the exasperated sigh, a noncommital disinterested response, and then the patented "can't-you-see-I'm-busy-here?" look. Not always in that order. And not always at the same time. Just do yourself a favor a beat a hasty retreat.

*Just so you know, I had to go to the other break room today for lunch so that I could get in a piddly 30 mins worth of reading time. Damned talkative co-workers!


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