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08 January 2007

Movie Queue: Rocky Balboa


Sylvester Stallone

Milo Ventimiglia

Antonio Tarver

My husband had expressed interest in seeing this movie. I kept shooting him down and saying no. And then Apropos of Something wrote a review on it and it changed my mind. Why I was saying no in the first place is beyond me. I'd seen the first five. It was almost like I had to see this one, if only for closure.

In this sixth installment, his son is grown and Adrian is dead. When a computer simulated boxing match declares Rocky the winner over current champion Mason "The Line" Dixon (is that name lame or what?), his fight spirit is reignited. Deciding to do only small regional fights, he gets his boxing license reinstated....and then promoters come calling wanting a rematch of the cyber-fight.

As writer and director, Stallone did a great job. And despite the fact that he's 60-something, there's no doubt that the man is in great shape. But you can tell he's had plastic surgery. Or maybe Botox. Either way, I'm glad I saw it. There were two parts in the movie that I particularly liked: 1) on the anniversary of her death, Rocky drove with his brother in law to all the places he took Adrian (who appeared in the form of flashbacks) 2) during the credits, they showed people running up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum, just like he did, Rocky-style. Very cool.

Review: 4 Snaps
*The hubby and I saw this movie on the 31st, but I've been lax in posting my reviews.


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