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23 February 2006

New Release: Head Below Water

HELLO, and welcome to another edition of New Release. My renter for the week is none other than Head Below Water, a.k.a. "drowning", for those of you not in the know. No, my renter really isn't drowning, but the blog title's kinda catchy, ain't it? She's been a-bloggin' since August 2004 and lives in Missouri (sucks to be her right now), so before you take your leave of my blog, head on over to the right there and tell her who sent ya. Literally. Even if you have to comment on one of her 100 Things, tell her who sent ya. Because, really, to ring the doorbell and run is kinda rude.

Ahem! I see you trying to sneak away. Don't make me take off my shoe. The new neighbor is thataway ===>
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