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08 February 2006

New Release of the Week: Palm Tree Princess

Being a writer, I'm all about visual stimulation. When I was going through the Blogs for Women website, I came across Sweet and Somber Fairytale. I really liked the way her blog looked. I then discovered her business, BabyJaneBlogs. After I saw her portfolio, I knew my journal needed a makeover. At the time, I had a journal on LiveJournal and had asked Ginger if she could revamp that one. She wasn't too familar with their template, so I happily--and quickly--defected to here. I think she hooked me up something fierce.

So now that I have become a landlord, so to speak, when renters come a-callin' I find that I'm most attracted to templates like mine: cartoony, bright and fun. I then read my potential renter's profile as well as the first couple of posts. If I'm intrigued, I accept their bid.

The lucky winner this week is Palm Tree Princess. She made me laugh and I really liked her renter, too. So, be sociable and go say Hi.
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