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05 March 2006

Dad's pride and joy...well, besides his children

Steven and I went to a classic car show in Yuma yesterday. My Dad was displaying his 1933 Ford there. At first, Steven didn't want to go. It's a 3 hr drive, the show was from 9-4, and he didn't think it would be worth the drive. I hadn't seen my parents in a while--despite the fact that they live locally and I've never been to Yuma. I was going to go whether he went with me or not. Other than the harsh sunburn he got on his face and neck, it was worth it.

These are my parents, standing next to my Dad's beautiful 1933 Ford.

It took him 5 years to build. All he had was the chassis--which he saw being built at a manufacturer in Michigan. Like a new house, he had to buy everything in it: from the steering wheel inside to the bumpers on the outside.

The graphics on the trim and the top of the hood (which you have to see in person and when the light hits it just so) are scales made from a woman's fishnet stocking. The scales lead up to this cobra under the hood.

The top is a hard top and not removable. And it's an automatic, not a stick shift. The paint is called Chameleon, and depending on where the light hits it, you can make out 7 different colors (the predominant colors being green and purple). The cost per pint was $300-400 and took 6 months to apply 4 coats (each coat had to be completely dry before a new one could be applied). Back in 1999 (when this car was painted), the paint job cost $13,000. It probably costs more than that now. That's my Dad talking to some guys in the background.

Altogether, the car is worth $65,000. While he was here, my Dad turned down a couple of $125,000 offers. Unlike most classic car collectors, my Dad doesn't trailer his car. He drives it. He's in a local car club and 19 cars were displayed yesterday--including his. And unlike those other guys, my Dad stood by his car all day and talked to people that came by. He only left to use the bathroom. He didn't even eat except for the ice cream sundae Steven and I brought him. My Mom stood on the other side and answered questions, too.

Whether he plans to sell the car or not, I don't know. He recently bought a 1938 Cadillac--off of eBay no less--and plans to fix it up. He doesn't have to start from scratch on that one.

To see more shots of the car and some of the other cars we that day, click on Midnight at the Oasis
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