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02 March 2006

I Got Smacked!

I sent my blog to italk2much to be criticized to hell and back and waited with shoulders hunched around my ears. The damage wasn't as bad as I thought.

This stuff is actually readable. Well, mostly.

It’s a Writer! I know. We seem to be getting a lot of ‘em. At least this one has a decent template. I feel all summery and breezy just looking at it. The sidebar isn’t too ugly, but the header graphics in there seem to be all willy nilly. Some are centered, some are right-justified and others are just confused. Please help them find their way. I just noticed that. Oh Ginger...

The content found here is… I think they need categorizing. I hadn't thought about this, but I'll be sure to keep it in mind.

1. The “I’ve Written This Many Pages Today” posts - Nothing says boring faster than announcing crap like this. Nobody except your agent cares. For the record, I don't have an agent, but it's nice to know it was assumed. And nobody else will care...but other writers. Cuz we're all rowin' in the same boat when it comes to creative mojo.

2. The “SARK’s 2006 Pure Relaxation Calendar Said This Today” - Are you like a spokesperson for this freaking calendar? Do you get a commission each and every time you say “SARK’s 2006 Pure Relaxation Calendar”? Did I just make you a couple o’ bucks by mentioning it twice in one paragraph? Nope. Just still soaking up the lingering vibes from the workshop.

3. Everything else

It’s the Everything Else posts that have hope, if you can find them. She does a great job of pimpin’ out her blog renters. Her first post ever is also fairly entertaining. If you’re bored try poking around a bit, the writing isn’t bad. For a Writer. *doing the happy dance*

The Merciless Minx gives it: One smack for a template that makes me forget I have to huddle in multiple layers of clothing and wear gloves without fingers to stay warm in front of my computer.

Okay, so there were a couple of paper cuts. Nothing major. Thank you, Miss Minx, for not tearing me to shreads. They seem to have a thing about writers, probably because we can be boring at times, but all I can say about that wouldn't understand unless you're a writer.

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