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03 March 2006

The Name Game

Last night, I was watching Hollywood Baby Boom 2 on E!. I love this channel and I love watching segments like this. This episode was about the latest round of celebs having babies--again or for the first time. One part of the segment talked about baby names. I found out that Nicholas Cage named--or is naming--his son, Kal-el. Too. Friggin'. Cool. Maybe it's because he got passed over to play the legendary superhero. Who knows? He wouldn't have made a good Superman anyway. But who cares. The name is friggin' awesome. I give Nick two around-the-world-and-back snaps for hijacking the name. I'm also giving him two snaps WAY up for being the first actor/actress to use it. I'm surprised Christopher Reeves didn't do it himself.

I personally dig unique names. Not idiotic names, unique names. There is a difference. Idiotic is Jason Lee's son: Pilot Inspektor and Shannon Sossamon's daughter: Audio Science. This is the reason why there are stories in the news about kids killing their parents. It's not the bad home life, it's the fact that their parents saddled them with an ungodly, idiotic, we-were-too-drunk/stoned to-come-up-with-something-better type of name. Unique is Courtney and David's daughter: Coco, and Gwen's daughter: Apple. Unique is Toni Braxton's sons: Denim and Diesel, and director Robert Rodriguez's sons: Rebel, Racer and Rocket (but the mother was smart and gave them normal middle names for when they get older).

I dig unique names. I think one of the best perks of being a fiction writer is coming up with names for your characters. On this issue, I totally step outside the box and see what I can come up with. Uniquely, of course.
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