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16 May 2006

Some people's children...

Figuratively speaking, of course. I'm not actually going to talk smack about someone's child, but, I guess I really will be. It's bad enough when you wake up with a mongo headache (probably because you didn't eat the night before). But when you go to a fast food joint to get one of those biscuit things and all they do is slap an egg on there? Yeah, ok, someone had better hold me back before I climb thru my car window and your drive-thru window to shove your face in your mistake. IT'S A FRIGGIN' BREAKFAST BISCUIT, PEOPLE! I SAID "NO CHEESE", NOT "NO SAUSAGE!" Errrgggghh! I ate it anyway because that damn hunger headache was about to kick my ass this morning. Next time I'll know to sit there and check it first.

It shouldn't be called WHATABURGER, it should be called WHATAIDIOT.
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