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04 August 2006

I'm sorry Chris Isaak

I was a huge fan of Chris Isaak's song, "Wicked Game". Still am, in fact. That man had to do some serious diaphragm work to hold that long note at the end. Impressed the hell out of me. The video was pretty cool, too. Black and white, him--shirtless--frolicking on the beach with supermodel Helena Christensen--also shirtless. A very sexy, but tasteful, video.

And then I saw Paris Hilton's video for her craptacular song "Stars are Blind" for the first time the other night.

My first thought?: "Oh, Gawd, it's Paris Hilton. I've heard the song, now I just have to sit thru the video." Because I'm a masochist like that.


My third thought?: "God, I hope Chris Isaak isn't watching MTV Hits right now." As I search for my cell phone to call him up and apologize for this no-account talent making a mockery of his wonderful song.

A few minutes later--after spitting, hissing, cursing, and stopping myself-barely-from calling the station and ripping the program director a new asshole for playing such utter propaganda--I calmed down and came to my senses.

Well of course Paris Hilton couldn't have come up with an original idea because that would require her to actually do some thinking. Something like that would take a miracle and obviously it's not the right year for miracles.

I think I'm appalled, more than anything. Appalled that some record exec thought it was good enough to put on the market. Appalled that some up and coming artist, with more talent, didn't get their chance because someone--who was obviously high--told this stupid socialite she could sing. Appalled that people are actually going to go out and buy her album. Wake up, people. It's not like she needs the money. God forbid she go on tour.

I just get so mad and disillusioned when all these stars get movie/record/book deals handed to them on a silver platter, and the "real" struggling artists have to fight for it tooth and nail. I realize it's the money. Big names bring in money which equals guaranteed sales. I know this. I'm not some naive writer wearing tricked out rose-colored glasses.

They're doing it for validation:

"I make great movies, therefore I can write a great book. Or sing."

"I'm a singer/songwriter, therefore I can act. Or write a book."

"I do nothing but shop and party because my parents are almost as rich as Donald Trump and I'm bored shitless. Therefore, I'm going to write a book, act, and make a record."

Money. It's all about the Benjamins, ya'll. Because really, he who dies with the most money wins.
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