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15 September 2006

200TH POST - New Characters

THIS IS MY 200TH POST, YA'LL! *insert bells, whistles, and firecrackers going off here*. There will be no prizes and no news about the wedding (it was beautiful and it'll be my 201st post), although I wouldn't mind a couple of slaps on the back and maybe a gift cert to Barnes and Noble. For reals. I think people who've been blogging for years should win some kind of consolation prize for bearing their souls to the general public for so damn long.

This post is about new Characters (read: new people...) that have been "created" (read:...that have been added to my blogroll). Being a writer, I realized that I haven't shown much alliegance to my fellow artists. Despite the fact that I write YA fiction, I'm a HUGE MONGO fan of adult romance books. Particularly the Harlequin Blaze and Silhouette Desire series. New stories from these divisions come out every month and I'm online at eHarlequin, ready to order them at 20% off the retail price, the month before. A couple of the new Characters are just a sampling of authors that I like to read. As I discover their presence, I'll be adding more authors later on.

For now, please go say hello to:

Alison Kent

Jill Shalvis

Some YA writers over at Books, Boys, Buzz

and aspiring writer, Gaby, over at Forever 17

Go on now. No pushing and shoving, please. This is not a zoo.
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