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24 August 2006

I'm such a dork

Or else why would I be so excited that a real movie star added me to his MySpace page? I just took a chance and typed his name in and voi-ooh-la-la, he appeared. In all his half-naked glory. (drool-filled sigh inserted here). I think it was really him that approved my "friending" request. His movie just came out on the 11th, he signed up on MySpace a week ago today...and he barely has any friends. Granted, he has more friends than me, but normally famous people on MySpace have like a million friends. I'm part of the "in" crowd now.

Approved friend requests:

Gavin DeGraw- this guy gave me chills when he sang Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" live in concert last year. And you know what kinda chills I'm talkin' 'bout.

Fall-Out Boy - even though their site is run by someone else, I still feel privileged that I was accepted by one of my favorite groups.

Pending friend requests:

Disturbed - they've been doing really well with remakes lately.

Evanescence - they're coming to Phoenix Oct 27th and I'm looking forward to seeing them again. I heard their new song on the radio and it totally rocks!

Live - I've been a fan of these guys for, like, EVER. I have all their albums, but have only had the opportunity to see them "live" once.

Linkin Park - All time fav group --with the guys above coming in second--I will never get tired of hearing their songs.
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