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30 August 2006

Celise's Spa and Shopping Bridal Shower

Here she is...the bride to be
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I had my bridal shower on Saturday. We got a casita at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak for a really good deal (thanks Chavon). Of course, the really good deal had to come with some drama. We were told that we could get into the room between 230-300 (despite the usual 4pm check in) to setup, decorate, whatever. Me, Bev and my niece, TK get there close to 3. We can't check in yet.

"It hasn't been cleaned," they tell us. "They checking out and the maid just got in there to clean it. Just give us a half hour."

Fine. Me, Bev and TK trek down to our room and stake out the place. After who knows how many minutes of standing there, watching the maid walk in and out of theplace, Bev says

"Hey, Celise. C'mere."

I walk over and she's standing in front of a window.

"What's up?" I ask.

"Check this out. I don't think they're checking out. The bed's still rolled out and their shit is still all over the place," she says.

Well, I'll be damned if she wasn't right. The maid was probably in there doing just the basics until the people left. Needless to say, this pissed me off to no end. More so because I was hungry, a little tired, and hot. We trek back up to the hotel and proceed to give the newbie counterboy a hard time.

"We seriously doubt they've checked out because their stuff is still in there. What time was check out?" I grumble.


Noon! That's 3 hrs past the check-out time and the squatters were MIA. Probably whoopin' it up at that damned mini water park.

"Let me talk to my security person and see if he can get in there and get all their stuff out," the guy says nervously, after glancing at me.

Yeah, you do that, boyo.

I think I gave him a fair imitation of The Evil Eye. Which, by the way, I got from my Mom. I think I put my own spin on it, though.

Bev could tell that I was about to climb over the counter and commit a serious crime, so she told me to go sit down. Now, mind you, there's a line going out the door, there are only two people working the front desk...AND THEY'RE NEW! Nice. Real nice. We weren't the only ones having problems checking in to our assigned rooms. Apparently, people don't know when the hell they're supposed to check out.

I hereby motion for a new rule for hotels: if your customer isn't checked out by the appointed time, you haul their stuff down to the lost and found. Raise your hand if you vote yay.

To make a long, drama-filled story short, I demanded another room. And it had to be the same size and the same price as the room we were losing. We didn't check in until 415, and I didn't get back home (they booted me out after I set up my books) until close to 5.

And now for the good part:

I came up with a faboo idea for my bridal shower. Instead of people buying me gifts, I thought people could buy stuff FROM me or buy stuff in which money--or free goodies--would trickle down to me. I did this in the form of vendors:

~ Gemini Mojo Press
~ Barefoot Parties - Individual websites for consultants will be up towards the end of next week
~ Purse Candy Keychains
~ BeautiControl
~ Cookie Lee Jewelry

People could buy my books, order something from a Barefoot Parties catalog, buy my keychains, purchase items from my BeautiControl wish list or I could earn free jewelry from Cookie Lee. That was the shopping portion of the event.

The spa portion involved Erin, the BeautiControl Consultant. She brings the spa to your home--or in this case, the casita. We soaked our feet, got rid of puffy eyes and pampered our skin--lips included--with various scrubs, lotions and creams.

Family, friends, and co-workers alike mingled, ate, drank, shopped, took to the pool and pampered themselves a bit. We even played a couple of games (one of which was one of those "How well do you know this person" type of game...very fun). I'm positive the chocolate fountain was a BIG hit (thanks Jen)

All in all, I had a great time. Even with the room drama. And the fact that I forgot to put out the little mini bundt cakes I'd ordered. The majority of my guests had left before I got chance to put those out. Besides, I think the chocolate would've overshadowed them. Hmm, cupcake sized bundt cakes or a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN. Yeah, no contest there.

I made some sales--and so did Jenna, the Cookie Lee Jewelry Rep and Erin--and got a $60 credit towards some jewelry. Not to mention half off two items. I found earrings to match my wedding jewelry (thanks for buying those, Ang)--which reminds me...I need to give those pearls back to my Mom--my wedding jewelry (thanks TK and Bev), and a $50 credit towards one of the two restaurants at the hotel..because the room drama.

Good times.

View more pics from this event HERE.
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