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05 September 2006

English Majors Do It By The Book

Or so I hear. When I was going to ASU, it had been my intention to major in English but I dropped out for two reasons:

1) I didn't feel motivated anymore. 4 years of high school, two years of community college (no BA degree--Dad didn't think it wasn't important) and about a year and a half of "real" college. I was done. I was fried. And I was tired of going from one end of the campus to the other..with barely any time to get there.

2) My YA audience isn't going to care whether or not I have a degree in English. Sure, it looks good in the About the Author section in the back of the book, but who gives a you-know-what? Not me, that's for sure. What is that going to prove anyway? That I know all about the great classics? Whatever. That I can write papers and take timed tests? Oooh, I'm sooooo talented. *insert eye roll here*

I thought how ironic it was when I found this HERE website. They had a contest going where you could list slogans for future T-shirts, but that seems to have been removed.

My contribution would've been the title of this post.

These two, however, were my favorites:

I can't wait until my niece starts college (next year) because I plan on getting her this one. It fits her two a, well, T. (no pun intended)

How true is this? Anyone? Anyone?
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