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07 September 2006

Crank it up

Steven and I went to see Crank last Friday night. Here was my impression:

~ Jason Statham is a hottie with a real sexy accent...and a nicely shaped butt

~ Jason Statham has no problem with PDA's (that's Public Displays of Affection, not the electronic contraption) in the form a sexual nature

~ VERY ACTION-PACKED from the get-go

~ cool camera angles

~ and, well, Jason Statham. Even though he didn't do any cool martial arts moves. But a lot of running around.

BONUS MOMENT: Chester Bennington (lead singer of my all-time favorite group, Linkin Park) as a junkie who informed us of a certain ingredient found in nasal spray. Uh...huh

If you liked Transporter 1 & 2 (I did, but maybe you didn't), you'll like this one. For the non-stop action, if anything.
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