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18 September 2006

He's bringin' sexy back

Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/LoveSounds
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I bought Justin Timberlake's new album, Futuresex/Lovesounds, over the weekend. It's definitely a MAJOR step up from his first one, Justified. I think he was still feeling the sting of breaking up with Britney on that first one. Whenever I get a new CD, it falls into one of three categories: 1) I only like one or two songs...and those are the ones they play on the radio. And then I'm wishing I'd never bought the CD in the first place, 2) there are 2-3 songs that end up being my favorites and I'll play them over and over again or 3) there's not one bad song on the whole CD and I wear the damn thing out by playing it on a daily basis.

Justin's new CD falls into Category #2. He's digging into his R & B and hip-hop roots on this one and he does one helluva job: especially when you hear Chop Me Up, a song he does with rap group 3 Six Mafia. The first time I heard it, I was like, "Er? This is Justin?" Summer Love sounds like something he would've done with N'SYNC, but only because of the harmonies I hear in the background. LoveStoned has a 70's feel to it and Until The End Of Time will be the new make-out/makin' love-to song of the year.

My favorites (the songs I play over and over): What Goes Around and Losing My Way. I think an artist hits the jackpot when they use a choir (he did so on the latter song). It elevates them somehow and takes the song to the next level. Rob Thomas, Christina Aguilera, Creed, Scott Stapp, EvanEscence, R Kelly...they've all done it and I've gotten chills every time. Especially when the back-up music stops and it's just the choir, acapella. Ho-ly. Shit. Chills, I'm tellin' you.

So, yes, if you like Sexyback (it's still growing on me), then you'll like his new CD. Go out and get it right now.

P.S. In case you were wondering what CD's fall into Category #3*:

~ Live (first five CDs. Haven't heard the new one yet, but I know I won't be disappointed)

~ Linkin Park

~ EvanEscence (looking forward to the second one and seeing them in concert again)

~ Scott Stapp

~ Gavin DeGraw

*original, studio recorded/studio acoustic only. Remixed, collaboration, "live in concert" not included.
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