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20 September 2006

Ya think?

The day after we got married, Steven and I ate breakfast at our favorite place: Ron's Place. (it's actually called The Original Pancake House, but Ron is the owner. I just prefer to call it Ron's Place).

Him: "Do I play WOW too much?" (for those non-gamers WOW stands for World of Warcraft)

Me: "If you have to ask me that then you know you are," I say dryly with raised eyebrows.

You know your man is excessively playing online role-playing games when:

~ He sets the alarm so he can get up early enough to play before he goes to work (in today's case, a little bit late to work).

~ He says he's getting burnt out and takes a break. For two hours (we're going on our honeymoon starting Monday. We'll be gone for 4 days. I imagine he'll be tweaking like a crack addict in rehab by the time we get back).

Thanks for getting him hooked on this fucking game, Neil. 'Preciate it.
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